What is in a name?

Definition of becoming:

begin to be.
“she became angry and sulked all day”
grow to be; develop into.
“the child will become an adult”

Source: Oxford Languages 

Welcome to the blog, I hope you aren’t really looking for an explanation of a name in general but the reasoning for BecomingaGem.com. We got the first part covered this is my journey in becoming me, growing, and developing into something.

Definition of gem:
1. a precious or semi-precious stone, especially when cut and polished or engraved.
“a pagoda embellished with precious gems”

2. an outstanding person or thing.

Source: Oxford Languages 

Developing, growing or becoming something precious or outstanding. Bit full of itself, isn’t it? Don’t worry you didn’t just land on the most arrogant, egocentric blog post ever. While the word gem is being used, it is an abbreviation for the zodiac sign Gemini. Through studying the wonderful guide on astrology by the astrologer, Steven Forrest “The Inner Sky”, I loved his explanation for the archetypes that are represented by the different astrological signs. We aren’t our sun signs but are here to learn to embody and live out the characteristics that our signs represent. And while I was born under the Arian sky, here to learn to be more courages learn to go for it regardless of the intimidation, my ascendant falls under the Gemini constellation.

So what does Mr Forrest have to say about learning to embody the twins? Communication, listening, and perception, but mainly it is about unravelling the secret of the world. This resonates very deeply with me. And hey, I get Astrology is not for everyone, in the past, I would have read my horoscope as entertainment and scepticism. Today, I have a different outlook. Today firstly I would not read my (sun) horoscope, I will read my rising signs. But again with a lot of scepticism. But no this site is not just going to be about Astrology. There are so many well-studied and interesting astrologists to consult, no I am not here for that.

I am here to share, to journal and to witness my own experience. This blog is more for me than anyone else, a place to remember and record my journey. All the changes and to take account of it all, warts and all.

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